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For most dogs, regular grooming is essential to avoid painful matting, prevention of ear infections, spot checks for fleas or ticks and identification of any abnormal growths. Vanity Fur Grooming Services provide professional dog grooming services for Aberdeen and the surrounding area. We provide everything from a quick "Top and Tail" to a full bath and groom. Should your dog have allergies or sensitive skin, feel free to bring your prescribed or medicated shampoo.

Bath and Deshed
Bath, blow dry, deshed, ears cleaned & nails cut
Designed to help with the blowing out of a double coated breed and short haired breeds that now cast for most of the year. This treatment will definitely cut down on the vacuuming
Bath and Brush
Bath, brush, blow dry, ears cleaned and nails cut
Full Groom - Clipped
Bath, brush, blow dry and clipping/scissoring, ears cleaned & nails cut
Full Groom - Hand Strip
Hand strip, ears cleaned & nails cut (only suitable for certain coat types)
Top & Tail
This is a quick trim up of the face/paws/sanitary areas, ears cleaned & nails cut
Nail clipping
Puppy Groom (suitable for young puppies that have been fully vaccinated)
Bath, brush, blow dry and suitable styling
It is essential to expose a puppy to a positive grooming experience at a young age to ensure long term confidence
Dematting can only be offered to clients whose animals are of suitable age, condition and temperament. If matting is severe or it will cause pain and/or suffering to the animal to be dematted, then this procedure cannot be performed as it would be in direct contravention of the Animal welfare Act 2006. We must consider the welfare of your dog first.
Please can you make me aware of any medical problems your pet may have (i.e. seizures, arthritis, heart condition etc)

Took my year old golden lab Bailey for a de-shedding and bath. Jenny was fantastic with her and Bailey is back looking and smelling amazing! We will be back for sure. - Karen B.

The special requirements we ask our customers to kindly consider:

  • We ask owners to exercise their dogs before visiting the salon
  • We require all dogs to arrive with collar and lead
  • Any problems regarding skin or allergies need to be highlighted prior to appointment

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